About us

Field Family Plumbing is a small co. with small prices and huge appreciation for our customers. We offer Drain Cleaning and amazing flat rates on all others repairs. Honesty, Experience & Affordability are the reasons our customers love us.

We repair & install:
Water Heaters
Water, sewer & gas lines
You name it, we do it!


Established in 2005.

I started my Plumbing company in 2005 because I was deeply bothered by the way the large company I was working for at the time was operating. It seemed that money was more important than anything else not just to the crew, but the management as well. Making a profit is one thing, but lying to people about what is wrong and replacing things that aren’t broken is just plain evil. I realized if I was going to continue in this trade I’d have to start my own company. I began in Stockton, CA then moved to Sacramento a year and half later to expand. Business is going great here. I love this city and the people. Most of our business consists of residential repairs and drain cleaning, but we also service commercial properties. Property managers and land lords also make up a large portion of our work load. We look forward to servicing this great city for years to come with honesty, experience and affordability as our foundation.