Our Reviews

Here are a few of our newest reviews:

“Talked to Gary on the phone and was able to get a same day appointment to meet me on my lunch break. He handled the clog in less than 30 min, and for the cheapest price around.”AJ F.

“Finding an honest plumber is like finding an honest mechanic— once you do, you won’t call anyone else. Gary just finished helping us out with fixing our hot water heater, saved us $500 compared to the other company we called.  We had a leak and were without hot water for a few days while trying to deal with our home warranty company and the plumbers that were dragging their feet with their end of the process.  Thanks to Gary, who was willing to come out on a Friday evening and even through part of a Saturday, we now have hot water again as well as him fixing the clogged hot water line in our kitchen sink (something we didn’t even ask him to do).  I tell you what, being without hot water really makes you appreciate it when it’s back on!  If we’d gone with the plumbers affiliated with our home warranty company, we’d still be waiting!  Plus, I sure can’t complain about saving $500 (that would have been our out of pocket expense AFTER they got the check from our home warranty company).  Give Gary a call, you won’t regret it.”Regina N.

“We recently needed a plumber so I got a recommendation from Next Door Neighbors and Gary came with high flying reviews. He was honest, fast and extremely reasonable. He was so polite also. I have a 6 month old and he would tell me when it was going to be loud etc. (funny thing was my baby slept through the whole snaking ordeal). Gary is a one man band so as he is working he is also answering the phone, setting appointments, giving estimates which was totally fine with me. I felt very comfortable with him in my home. He also went above and beyond with his clean up. Overall we highly recommend giving him a call, leave a message and he will call back. =)”Kristin E.

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